SMS Marketing – Features, Technologies, Implementation

SMS messaging was and remains the most effective way of marketing communications, providing direct contact with the consumer of goods and services via a mobile phone. Direct interaction with the subscriber stimulates consumer demand, allows you to quickly inform about promotions and “hot” offers, increases the recognition of the brand. SMS Traffic historically occupies a leading position in the legitimate SMS market, offering quality and efficient service.

The company’s technologies provide both automatic dispatch of SMS and manual transmission of messages via the Internet or via email through the Customer’s personal account organized in the secure section of the website (search some examples on the web). Automated (bulk SMS) sending occurs using a variety of protocols for customer choice: SMPP, HTTP / HTTPS, SOAP, SFTP or email.

The service provides the ability to track not only the status of delivery of each SMS message, but also the reasons for not delivering SMS by means of both convenient web interfaces and using a powerful set of various APIs, which allows to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the conducted campaigns, as well as to make decisions regarding each SMS , which is especially important in the framework of the execution of 161 FZ.

The transfer of SMS messages from the client through the SMPP protocol, protected by the IPSec channel, or through the HTTPS protocol completely eliminates the leakage or interception of confidential information.

To identify the sender of SMS, it is possible to specify the name of the company of the initiator of the distribution in the message, for the feedback – the telephone number of the hotline, for the subscriber’s response via SMS, the number of the reverse SMS channel.

The speed of sending SMS messages is already 2,000 messages per second. The system performs continuous monitoring of equipment performance, duplication of SMS channels and replication of data.

The system is characterized by high throughput, which is achieved through direct connections to SMS centers of federal and regional mobile operators. It is possible to control the speed of mailing for different recipients within the same account.

Additional services:

  • Sending messages to┬áSocial Media subscribers
  • Delayed sending
  • Automatic deletion of duplicates
  • SMS delivery with local time
  • Storing subscriber bases in your account with the breakdown by group
  • Automatic substitution of the name of subscribers in the sent messages
  • Separation of traffic by subaccounts (departments, departments) with separate accounting statements for each subaccount