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SMS Marketing – Features, Technologies, Implementation

SMS messaging was and remains the most effective way of marketing communications, providing direct contact with the consumer of goods and services via a mobile phone. Direct interaction with the subscriber stimulates consumer demand, allows you to quickly inform about promotions and “hot” offers, increases the recognition of the brand. SMS Traffic historically occupies a leading position in the legitimate SMS market, offering quality and efficient service. (more…)

Consider the scheme of the call “8-800” from the point of view of charging

Briefly and simply about the complex – charging in “8-800” – Part 2

The very possibility of charging a call to the number 8-800 in the SS7 protocol (OCS7) is realized using the so-called Reverse Charging function. Initially, this function was created for the popular Collect Call service (call at the expense of the called subscriber). In detail from the point of view of the SS7 protocol, the REVC function (such a reduction is often used for Reverse Charging) is described in ITU-T Recommendation Q.736.3.


Passive methods for detecting illegal traffic termination

Now the illegal termination of traffic has become one of the major disasters of any telecommunications operator

The Operators in those countries where international communication costs several times more expensive than local traffic, suffer the most. Also, the government’s attitude towards this, let’s say, the type of business, plays no small role. The top countries, the most affected by this type of fraud, are the countries of Africa, the Balkan Peninsula and, of course, the CIS. (more…)

IP-telephony: the Main Digital Signal, Codecs, Bandwidth

Some conclusions about IP-telephony: the main digital signal, codecs, bandwidth

In the course of studying the materials for the CCNA Voice exam, the idea was has appeared to process the information obtained in the form of a separate article. Pursuing this two purposes: one mercenary – better to understand most of the studied material and put everything together in your mind; The second altruistic – to share the knowledge gained with those who are not very interested in it. (more…)

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